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  • ‘The Twilight Zone VR’ Review – Great Psychological Horror Marred by Crappy Combat

    The Twilight Zone is an anthology franchise that’s spawned multiple TV shows throughout the decades following the iconic 1959 series. While the VR game stays mostly true to its roots, tossing out sci-fi horror themes and narrative twists aplenty, its inclusion of a finicky shooter-based combat system pitted against paper-thin enemies is a sore spot that […]

  • Dyson Zone is the gadget of our times – whether we like it or not

    In the heart of Wiltshire, and on the edge of the Cotswolds, the area’s air-quality monitoring plants rarely register anything above a “Low (Index 2)” rating when it comes to tracking pollutants in the air.  So, nestled between rolling green hills, cow-packed fields, sandstone manor houses and picturesque cottages, it’s hard to believe that one […]