Why I stopped using my phone as an alarm clock – and why you should too

We’re betting if you opened this article, you use your phone as an alarm clock. It’s likely to be on charge lying on your bedside table, and that’s causing a lot of issues for some people, ranging from stress and anxiety to disturbed sleep and weight gain. It’s far better to leave your phone in another room and switch to one of the best wake-up lights or alarm clocks in order to start your day on the right foot. 

I used to set the alarm on my phone the last thing at night, then remain on my phone for at least a few minutes, getting lost in the casino-like virtual world of social media algorithms. Even though I deleted Instagram and have never used TikTok in an attempt to reduce screen time and phone addiction, Reddit and YouTube are just as effective attention traps, drawing me further into the dopamine labyrinth with every swipe of my thumb. Eventually, I’d “come to,” realizing that I’d wasted another 10 minutes, curse, and flick the light.

A wakeup call

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